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Do I need a visa on arrival for Japan?


Whether you need a visa on arrival for Japan or not will depend on your nationality. Only eligible citizens can obtain a visa on arrival. Citizens of several countries can obtain their visa upon arrival as long as they meet the requirements.

The Japan visa on arrival is granted to travelers who are visiting Japan for tourism purposes. It is a single entry visa and allows a 30-day stay in the country.

From June 2019, the Government of Japan is implementing a new Japan electronic visa, which is expected to be available for many of the Japan visa on arrival countries. The eVisa will also be valid for a single entry stay of up to 30 days in the country. Once implemented, applicants will be able to obtain the eVisa through a simple online Japan eVisa application form, eliminating the need for long waiting times for a visa on arrival at border entry points.

Japan visa on arrival countries


Citizens of several eligible countries including Australia, Canada, the United States and European Union member countries can obtain a visa on arrival for Japan. Travelers simply need to meet the Japan visa on arrival requirements to get their visa at a port of entry.

From June 2019, many of these same countries will be able to obtain a Japan tourist visa exclusively online through the new Japan eVisa application. The Japan online visa is being implemented to expedite the visa application process, and allow eligible citizens to avoid long waits for a visa on arrival at the Lao border.

There are a few nationalities that aren’t required to obtain the visa on arrival. Citizens of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) have agreements with Japan since 2005. Japan, South Korea, Russia and Switzerland have visa-free access to Japan and can stay in the country for up to 15 days.

Japan visa on arrival requirements


The requirements for a Japan visa on arrival are as follows:

The visa on arrival application form is available at 22 ports of entry in Japan or when traveling by plane are given by the airline before landing.

If the traveler does not have a photo, there is an additional fee for scanning the photo from their passport. Those who wish to visit Japan should also know that there are additional charges for the visa if you arrive between 6:00 and 8:00 in the morning, on a weekend, or on a national holiday.

How to get a visa on arrival for Japan


To get a visa on arrival for Japan the traveler should have all of the documentation listed on this site: their passport, two photographs and the completed form.

On arrival, the traveler should head to the window marked “On Arrival”. The immigration window is only for people who already have the visa.

If the traveler hasn’t already filled the application, it is advised to complete the visa on arrival form by the window. Once completed, the traveler should submit the form and the two photographs to the immigration official at the “on arrival” window.

To finalize the process, the traveler is expected to pay the visa fee in cash. It is possible to pay for this fee in american dollars. After providing all the documentation, travelers are asked to wait. The name of the traveler will be called when their application has been reviewed.

Once it is implemented in June 2019, the Japan electronic visa will eliminate the need for this complicated application process upon arrival. Applicants will be able to complete a simple form with personal and passport information and receive a copy of the eVisa via email. They will then be able to print a copy to present at the border for an expedited entry into the country.

Main border Checkpoints in Japan for visa on arrival


There are 22 ports of entry where foreign visitors from eligible countries will be able to obtain a visa on arrival to enter Japan. These are the main border checkpoints in Japan:

International airports:

These are the land border checkpoints where it is possible to get a visa on arrival for Japan:





Visa Requirements


Travelers who wish to visit Japan will need to meet the Japan Visa requirements to be eligible to apply online.

The online visa for Japan will be launched by the Government of Japan in June 2019. The full list of Japan online visa requirements will be confirmed when the online visa system is implemented. Check for updates about the Japan electronic visa requirements on this website.

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Which countries need a visa for Japan?


Several countries will be eligible to obtain an online visa for Japan. The complete list of eligible countries for Japan eVisa will be confirmed when the electronic visa is officially released.

EU citizens, North Americans, and Australians can currently get their Japan visa upon arrival in the country. It is possible that these citizens will be eligible to get their eVisa for Japan.

Citizens of some African and Middle Eastern countries are required to apply for a tourist visa in advance at a Japan embassy or consulate.

Citizens of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as Japan, South Korea, Russia and Switzerland enjoy visa-free access to Japan.

What are the travel documents needed to enter Japan?


Eligible citizens for a visa on arrival must possess a completed visa application form with one of the photographs attached to it.

The traveler will have to pay a fee at a Japan port of entry to get his visa on arrival at a Japan .

Fees may vary according to their nationality, and date and time of arrival.